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Hiya! I'm Daniela,  Amazon Consultant to

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Amazon...Are you there yet? 
Half of web shoppers search for your brand on Amazon first – that's opportunity cost knocking.  

I help brands struggling to get started on Amazon πŸ‘‰πŸΎ to validate, launch and get paid in 30 days or less. 

Not only do I help them skip the struggle and move on to sales, but I also get you there without the overwhelm.



We've got your back.

Your dedicated wholesale partner for Amazon. 

Ship products for Amazon FBA


1) Ship products to us, we'll prep it for Amazon.

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2) We'll list, optimize and sell your products.

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3) We'll send you monthly check for any sales.


There's an easier way.

What clients are saying.

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"We almost sold out within the first week!

Before working with Daniela, I was clueless about selling on Amazon and didn't know who to trust. Mindfull Goods was persistent and passionate about our brand. We got results in just the first few days, and almost sold out the first week. Now, we have even more proof of concept and key insights of our customer base including keywords. It's so relieving to have this off our plate. They are always on the ball!" - Lori, Unicreamer πŸ¦„



We handle it all so you can Netflix & chill.

Managing Amazon sales is a full-time job.


We dig innovative brands that give a SH!T.

Mission-based brands are totally our jam.

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What's your jam?

Every brand has a story, we want to help you share yours with 300+ Million Amazon shoppers.

Our clients are a collective of female-led brands with innovative products that are made with purpose to do good and make an impact.

We represent products ranging from grocery and baby to home goods and office supplies. The common thread is innovation and impact.


Start-up friendly pricing.

Without all the nasties.

Payouts are based on your wholesale pricing. 

Payouts are based on your wholesale pricing. 

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